Don’t ever be afraid to tell your story!  We are all here to show support for one another.

If your new here, a huge welcome to you all! I have to be honest that this is a new venture I have been looking forward to for quite some time, but never really had the courage to get out there! I am fully going out of my comfort zone! I grew up always being the type of person from time to time (and still do) , care about how people perceive me and that they just do not understand the reasoning behind my celiac disease. I am putting myself out there. I want to raise awareness on celiac disease. So many people go years (like myself) without ever being properly diagnosed. My sole purpose of this blog is  to share, my own personal experience with others who may also suffer from Celiac Disease, or gluten issues.  I am hoping that you all find comfort in knowing that you can reach out and find support many places.

I am not a medical professional by any means. I am simply hoping to share fun experiences, reviews of gluten free products and travel information with a little humor on the side…because who doesn’t need a good laugh from time to time?  I am welcoming anyone to go to the contact page and reach out if you have any questions! You may also follow my instagram account @the_celiac_corner to keep up to date with new posts and information!


Thanks for stopping!

X0X0 Alicia

The Celiac Corner

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