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Gluten and the Dental Office

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Did you know that gluten could be hiding in the products that your hygienist uses? I never really thought about that. In fact, I never really thought about that until a few years after my diagnosis. I had been on a strict gluten free diet but from time to time I didn’t realize the products I was using at home ….my body washes and toothpaste etc were also affecting me. My body was still attacking itself in one way or another. It then got me thinking…. How much does my hygienist and dental office know about celiac disease? Do they have any other patients with this autoimmune disorder? If I am using products at home that had contained gluten, then whats to say the products at my dental office wasn’t the same?

I have to admit, I felt concerned and rightfully so. I also felt nervous reaching out to the dental office with a million questions. After doing some research on the subject myself, I found out that the fillings can contain gluten as well as fluoride and polishing paste. There were so many questions going through my mind. So what did I do? I sent them over an email asking for information.

I have to say I didn’t expect a response so quickly but was overjoyed not only by their response but the fact that they were proactive about finding the answers they didn’t know the questions to. The dental office had confirmed that all the products their office uses for the cleanings were confirmed to be gluten free, which included the prophy paste, fluorides both topical and varnish. They even gave me the company names in case I wanted to go the extra mile and verify myself. The office did let me know that restorative treatment there could be gluten in the topical anesthetic gel and were waiting back on a confirmation from their company’s lab. The office let me know they would make a note on my file that said that I could not use the topical gel as precaution until they found the answers. About an hour or so later the dental office confirmed that the topical gel was indeed gluten free but were surprised to find out that some brands (ones they don’t use) do contain gluten. I feel like this was a great step forward communicating with my dental office.

As for my readers, if you have celiac disease I would recommend writing down a list of questions or concerns you might have and want to discuss with your dental office. I suggest discussing with them what celiac disease is and how if affects your body. Then ask them about their products they use, and if they could check the products that are used on all procedures to see if they contain gluten. I would also either ask for the brand names to reach out to the companies for extra verification to see if the products are processed on shared equipment with those products that contain gluten.

I want to say a huge Thank You to my dental office for their quick responses and dedication to finding the answers on a patients behalf. It is truly appreciated!

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Fun Facts, Who Knew???

Who knew???

Did you know that wheat/gluten are found in more than just food? When I first had to go on a  gluten free diet, I had absolutely no idea that I had to be fully gluten free! I didn’t know what that meant exactly and as I did further research, I found out that gluten was in so many products that I had been using daily. So, what sort of things contained gluten you might ask?

First of all, it never really dawned on me that my children’s play doh was made with wheat. Ok that I admit was a dumb one, and I should of realized it contained flour, but when you have a few kids running around and asking you to pull out the doh, I didn’t really think that it was harmful for my body…..until a rash started to appear on my hands.

As time went on, I found out that I had to be very careful with everything I was using. I never realized that my shampoo, body washes, facial cleansers, make-up, toothpaste, lotions all contained gluten. I spent a year or so healing my gut from the inside by being on a gluten free diet and yet I still felt like crap!  Whenever I used something on my skin that contained gluten and I was unaware I would break out in this itchy and bubbly rash. This was called dermatitis herpetiformis. I was still using many products that were being absorbed into my skin! From that point on, I sought out products that were certified gluten free! I came across many great products and have found a few that are now my favorites. I will be reviewing those in another post.

Even though I have been gluten free since 2011, I am still finding more and more products that I can’t handle. Did you know if you have celiac you shouldn’t lick envelopes and buy the ones that already have the pre made stick strips? I also didn’t know that my day to day cleaning products contained gluten as well!  What about your daily vitamins or medications you may take if your sick!? I was beyond to surprised that I had to double and triple check all these products and annoy people with my ongoing interrogation! Going to the doctors and dentist with trust certainly wasn’t an easy task. I had to ask them specifically the hygienist to double check their products before they cleaned my teeth.  

It is truly amazing how many things contain gluten. I have recently reached out to multiple companies to inquire about their products. If you have celiac disease here are some of the following questions you should be asking these companies:


  1. Is your product certified gluten free?
  2. Is your product at risk for cross contamination while be made, packaged and shipped?
  3. Does you product have its own facility where it is made or do you share a facility with other products that may contain gluten?


These are just a few of the questions that should be asked to a company you may not be so positive on.

I hope you all find this information somewhat helpful whether you have celiac disease or are gluten sensitive. I will be making many other posts coming up in the future on reviews as well as different scenarios that may have happened through my journey!


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