Have you ever felt defeated?


It’s been 8 years since my diagnosis with celiac disease. I wanted to jump on here real quick and discuss the emotional aspect of being diagnosed. When I was first diagnosed, I felt lost, confused and scared. I was lost because I had never even heard of celiac disease. Just the word disease was frightening.

My GI specialist told me that my intestinal lining was completely flat. He spoke of the possibility of intestinal cancer if my diet did not change immediately. Where would I begin? I knew nothing about celiac disease. Over time I learned that even though I could change everything to make my body healthy again and absorb nutrients, there would be no cure aside of following a strict gluten free diet.

So what exactly am I getting at? Well, to put it directly, having celiac disease in adults can come with many symptoms. Now, not all men and women diagnosed with celiac disease can get these symptoms. I had many symptoms ranging from fatigue and anemia to depression and severe anxiety.

I’m going to be real for a second. I struggled hard with this diagnosis. It affected my mental health. I felt defeated. Here is what I want you to know! Whether you are just newly diagnosed with celiac or something else of that matter, you are NOT alone. You may seem clueless, scared and have so many different emotions as I had but there is so much support out there.

Not one person in my family or my husband’s family had heard about it so at first it was very difficult for anyone to understand what I was about to go through. Some family and friends thought it was just an allergy and not a autoimmune disorder. Some thought that I was over exaggerating. They just didn’t understand and really needed to be educated, as did I. Then out of nowhere, I started receiving anonymous cookbooks day after day about eating gluten free. I would come home and have a new package. I never did find out who sent me all of them but I knew that there was an abundance of support.

Please know that you can find support groups with those struggling with celiac disease as well as other people out there on social media.

Also if you feel like you would like to reach out to myself, please feel free to do so. Most of us with celiac have been or are in the same boat. We live, but we learn and we support each other!

Until Next time

The Celiac Corner