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Dessert Essence


Let’s talk about some products shall we?

A lot of people don’t realize that if you have celiac disease you should also watch what you put on your skin not just what you ingest. Why is that? Well the gluten that is within products, such as lotions, and sunscreen are being absorbed into your skin. Even though you are not ingesting it, you can still have a reaction on your skin.

Once I realized that I needed to change over my skincare products, I went in search of some new products. One brand that I did fall in love with is Desert Essence. This company offers many gluten free products that are reasonably priced and smell AMAZING! They have a variety of options from apple, to coconut, lavender, grape, red raspberry, lemon and fragrance free options! They offer gluten free products for your hair and skin a well as dental products.

I did reach out to the company so that I could confirm a few things. Here is what i found out:

Even though the company has many gluten free products not all of their line is gluten free. They do label every products clearly to determine if it contains gluten or not. They did let me know that some of the products are manufactured in dedicated facilities, but some others are manufactured on dedicated gluten free lines as well. So far so good. I have had no reactions to these products whatsoever.

These products are also free from:
Sulfates – SLS/SLES
Artificial Fragrances or Dyes
Petroleum Compounds: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum or Paraffin
Animal Derived Ingredients
Animal Testing

They are cruelty free as well as vegan and gluten free!

I love the colors and packaging of these products as well and they just started offering a travel size package for $10.99 on their site which will include the shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash all in the coconut fragrance.

Their shipping is fast as well! It usually takes 2 days to arrive! My only complaint has been when my package has arrived. I am not however blaming the company, but good ole UPS. I have had many packages arrived with squished boxes and once I open it up, I’ll find the body wash all over the place. The company has been more than helpful to replace my damaged products.

I give this company a 9 out of 10 review!

Now I’m off to enjoy the weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with a new post!

Until next time….

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