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Made Good Soft baked mini chocolate chip cookies!!!


Ok let’s take a quick second to go over these! I recently had ventured out to our local Wegmans and came across these soft baked, mini chocolate chip cookies by the company Made Good! I’m going to be honest, I am a bit judgemental when it comes to choosing food I may or may not enjoy! When I first saw this package I saw that it was free from the top 8 allergens! So what the heck was it actually made with? I am used to eating gluten free but was this something that could really be that good? I mean, I haven’t had a good soft baked cookie in I don’t know how long! Alas I picked up the package, and threw it in my cart and on my way home I went!

That night as I was preparing to sit and finish up a few recent stories, I have been working on all I was craving was chocolate! I grabbed the package and opened up a small pouch of these cookies, popped one in my mouth and couldn’t believe the taste!

“SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” , I had exclaimed to my husband (which he clearly knows meant that I was amazed by whatever it was I was doing!)

This tiny little cookie the size of a quarter tasted like a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough! You know the stuff your not supposed to eat out of the bowl but do anyway because you just can’t resist?! I think my world just flipped upside down. It was then when I decided to actually read the ingredients and full on product information!

First of all like I said this is free from the top 8 allergens! No dairy, nuts, wheat/gluten, tree nuts, sesame seeds, shellfish, soy or egg! It also stated on the package that each one of these pouches is 1 serving of vegetables! They are also free from dyes! This product is also certified gluten free, certified vegan, and certified organic and made in a dedicated facility free from these allergens!

As I read on it just kept getting better! The ingredients listed were extracts from carrots, beets, spinach and other vegetables! This was amazing. Where have they been all of my celiac life!?

So this gave me an idea. Now most of you who do not know my family or I personally wouldn’t know we do have other food allergies, such as one of my boys has a severe allergy to shellfish and red dye (possibly other dyes as well…to be tested coming up Monday) That particular son also has sensory processing disorder. So he is the pickiest child when it comes to food and tasting certain things. I literally have the worst time trying to get him to eat anything good! So this afternoon in between church and lunch, I handed each kid a small bite sized cookie and their minds were blown, especially my picky eater! They kept asking for more! So I can certainly tell you this product is KID APPROVED! I can’t wait to send them to school and know that they are getting a serving of vegetables that taste just like cookie dough!

Side note- I did tell them what was in it only because I wanted them to know there are so many other healthier options out there!

I also love their packaging. Each box comes with five small packages just the right portion size!
I am giving this product a 10/10 !!!!

With that I am off to get the kids ready for bed!

Until Next Time,

The Celiac Corner